Drought Tolerance for Your Gardena, California Space

Find the right solution for your landscape when resources are scarce

Is the California drought leaving your lawn looking less than beautiful? San Agustin has solutions. We specialize in landscape design and drought tolerance to keep your property beautiful even when the water supply is restricted. Our landscapers will present you with a number of materials and options for a design that doesn’t rely on water to flourish.

We’ll convert your lawn into a beautiful, low-maintenance work of art. Choose from the highest quality materials for your project, including:

• Pebbles
• Wood chips
• Sand
• Decomposed gravel, and more

If you want to keep greenery in your yard, San Agustin will advise you on the best irrigation system for your landscape. We’ll handle new installations or repair work to keep your property watered without wasting resources during a drought. Call to speak with one of San Agustin Landscape’s knowledgeable designers today.