Our Services


We can do a complete redo of the front, side, and back yards including grass removal, sprinkler reconfiguration, grading, and waste hauling. Our team installs pavers with gravel fill, granite pads, or tile options. The San Agustin crew will show up every day and our material deliveries are carefully scheduled to match. We can offer help with design elements and our knowledge of plants and trees to make sure your design is perfect for your environment. The crew will clean up the worksite every day before leaving to minimize disruption. We promise to always respect your property and offer service with a smile.

If you’re looking to start your own oasis or looking to breathe new life into an outdated garden, San Agustin Landscape can help you every step of the way. New, sleek and innovative is the way of the future, we pride ourselves in providing beautiful new landscapes, that will turn any garden into a paradise. Our team at San Agustin landscape will ensure that we give your garden the facelift it requires. We can offer drought-resistant grass and plants, lush tropical foliage, and beautiful trees. We work closely with each client to understand their vision and turn it into reality. If your yard is a little rough around the edges, we'll begin by removing any weeds or undesired plants. We can then install a sprinkler and drip system for the grass areas and planters. Finally, we can install all of the sod, grass, trees, and plants you want. Any idea you have for your property, we can make happen. See how you can maximize your space and create a paradise right at home. Contact us today for unique, tailored landscape solutions.

Contact us today for unique, tailored landscape solutions.